Saturday, March 23, 2019

Your family is tired with the oily food which you serve them. They’re actually clamoring for something new and something better.

Ran out of ideas? Why don’t you try preparing food? Here are a few types of food which you may want to attempt. Sushi – the most famous food. Sushi in the past is simply preserved fish in vinegar. It’s evolved to varieties such as: o Norimaki – comprises rice and dried sea foods dried seaweeds or wrapped in Nori. Nigiri – sushi rice balls adorned on top with sea foods or shellfish. Temaki – these are sushi cones together with fruits or veggies and rice, fresh or dried sea foods inside. Sashimi – shellfish and cut sea foods your choice, are eaten raw and served with a spicy soya sauce.

Different types of Sashimi include: o Maguro Sashimi – utilizes lean tuna o Toro Sashimi – refreshing tuna o Ebi Sashimi – tiger prawns o Saba Sashimi – raw o Ika Sashimi – squid o Tako Sashimi – octopus. Ramen – the Japanese noodle soup that are topped with spring onions, poultry, beef, sea food and seaweed. Udon – another variety of noodle soup now with noodles that are thicker. Tempura – a child friendly dish of prawns wrapped in light batter and fried quickly. Some varieties of tempura can also be served with coated and fried veggies and a spicy dipping sauce.

Yakitori – grilled skewered poultry coated in sweet soya based sauce. So as you can tell, Japanese cuisine is defined by ingredients such as seafoods, rice and seaweeds. Since all the ingredients are sourced locally, the locals enjoy their freshness by sometimes eat them raw. If you however are a bit determined by eating raw meat, you may always start together with the cooked varieties first.