Saturday, March 23, 2019

Barbecue Sauces – from Berkeley Wellness – Cranberry Tomato Barbecue Sauce – Use this tangy and sweet barbecue sauce as you’d any other, draining it on. For a more spicy sauce, increase the cayenne. Makes two cups – Ingredients – 1 tbsp vegetable oil, such as olive or canola oil – 1 ) ) medium onion, perfectly chopped – two cloves garlic, minced – 1 package cranberries, frozen or fresh – cup maple syrup – 2 tbsps molasses – 3 tbsps tomato paste – 2 tbsps balsamic vinegar – 1 tsps Worcestershire sauce – tsp cumin – tsp salt – tsp red pepper Candles – Instructions – 1.

Add garlic and the onion, and cook, stirring often, until the pumpkin is soft, about 7 minutes. Add the cranberries, molasses and maple syrup, and cook, stirring regularly, until most the cranberries have popped, about 7 minutes. Stir until the sauce has a ketchup such as consistency. Cool to room average temperature and store the sauce from the refrigerator. Nutrition per cup: 116 calories, 1.9g total fat, 0mg cholesterol, 2g dietary fiber, 26g carb, 1g protein, 136mg sodium. Good source ofvitamin C – Smoky Tomato Barbecue Sauce – Cans of chipotle peppers are located in American supermarket stores and supermarkets that were many.

You may add give or take chipotle depending upon how hot you such as your barbecue. The amount of chipotle used here makes a reasonably hot sauce. Makes 1 cups – 2 tsps vegetable oil, like olive or canola oil – 1 ) small onion, perfectly chopped – 3 cloves garlic, minced – 1 ) ) ) cups canned crushed tomato – 3 chipotle peppers from adobo, minced – 1 tsps honey – tsp coriander – tsp cumin – tsp salt – tsp cinnamon – 1. Add the pumpkin and garlic, and cook, stirring regularly, till the onion is soft, about five minutes.

Add the tomato, chipotle, honey, coriander, cumin, salt and cinnamon, and bring to a boil. Reduce to a simmer, cover and cook until thick, about five minutes. Cool to room average temperature and store the sauce from the refrigerator. Nutrition Per cup: 37 calories, 1.7g total fat, 0mg cholesterol, 1g dietary fiber, 5.6g carb, 0.8g protein, 192mg sodium. Fantastic source of: lycopene – Cilantro Garlic Barbecue Sauce – If you like, make a double batch of the sauce and utilize it to toss with pasta or spoo n over grilled vegetables. Makes 1 ) cup – 2 heads of garlic – 3 cups cilantro leaves and stems – 1 ) ) ) cup leaves of parsley leaves – cup fresh lemon juice – two tbsps vegetable oil, like olive or canola oil – 1 tsp salt – 1.